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CADWorx® Design Review Webinar: A Deep Dive Into New Enhancements
Tuesday, September 12, 2017
10:00 a.m. CDT

Currently, we see a trend that CAD and Engineering companies are looking for the most cost-effective review software available. For all of them we would like to introduce CADWorx Design Review.

CADWorx Design Review is a powerful review tool that gives reviewers great control over their projects. With the help of CADWorx Design Review, you can meet requirements for deliverables in Building Information Management projects with new Industry foundation classes. This will help companies moving into other areas of production such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, life sciences, electronic and other industries.

See demonstrations of the new enhancements added in CADWorx Design Review. Learn how the new enhancements excel your visualization needs and are quite cost-effective.

Following the demonstration, we will have a question and answer session. 

What you'll learn - 

CDR can now dynamically update a complete model with the Refresh command.
Searches XREF drawings and all subfolders for any missing files when loading the model.
Introduced Style Themes in CDR.
IFC Export in solid representation and added support for AutoCAD Solids.
Navigating standard views made easy by Navigation Cube

Who should attend -

IT Managers looking for a cost-effective design review tool.
Model Designer’s and Reviewer’s looking for a review tool for their design process. 
Companies looking for an alternative visualization tool with limited but necessary features which are used most frequently. 

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