Intergraph CADWorx Webinar: New CADWorx 2014 Overview -

September 26, 2013

Join us and learn all about the updates that you’ll want to use right away in the newly released CADWorx 2014. This new release focuses on your productivity and efficiency by allowing you to deliver more for the work that you put in!

These are some of the things that we will cover:

Dynamic pipe supports
Lets you make pipe size changes while automatically maintaining pipe and steel association.

Custom data enhancements
Makes it easier to leverage customized database fields for more complete reports and accurate procurement.

Line View filter enhancements
Improves line isolation capabilities by increasing the criteria by which lines can be isolated during design. 

Nozzle attach capabilities
Lets you add nozzle intelligence to any AutoCAD object for more complete isometric creation.

OrthoGEN direct from CADWorx
Enables you to run OrthoGEN from within CADWorx using preconfigured settings to create orthographic drawings automatically.

Isogen repeatability
Lets you keep track of fabrication changes by re-issuing changes in those isometric sheets effected by design modifications.

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