As many of you are aware, CADWorx 2016 release is due out this fall. In preparation for the new release, we are in the beta version evaluation phase right now.  Like you, I am excited about the new release.  Although I can’t list all of the benefits the latest release will provide, I wanted to share some information about the software to spark your interest in advance of the forthcoming release.

Pipe Support Enhancements
The new enhancements in Pipe Supports give the ability to combine multiple custom pipe support components in a single pipe support assembly and also combine custom pipe support components with default pipe support components in a single pipe support assembly.

Materials Assignment Setup Enhancements
The Material Assignment Setup enhancements provide capabilities for greater control of material assignment at the Specification level. The latest enhancements provide the ability to assign materials at a Global, Component Group, or Component Type level, the ability to designate material assignment by Nominal Pipe Size, and much more.

Support for any Component End-Type Combination
Specification component architecture has been updated to support any end-type combination for any component added to your spec (such as THRDxTHRD Relief Valves, mixed end-type Unions, Clamped end-type components, etc.)

Specification Excel Export/Import Enhancements
The new Excel Export/Import enhancements of the Specification Editor will enable specifications to be shared with other project stakeholders such as a process engineer who can review specification content within Excel, perform edits, and pass this information back into the specification.

An AutoCAD-based system, CADWorx 2016 offers the latest solution for plant design and automation. This latest CADWorx release delivers a number of significant new and extended capabilities to increase productivity and improve user experience.

Vol.2 | Issue 9 | September 2015
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Michael Smith
CADWorx Global Business Development

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