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Vol.1 | Feb. 2015 | Issue 6
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Peter van der Weijde
Vice President, Europe & Africa

Stop Doubting and Start Believing: Welcome to the #NewEngineeringEra in Piping Design

Imagination is a curious thing: it enables us to create ideas far beyond those that currently exist. But to achieve tangible results, we must go beyond merely imagining new possibilities, and start to believe they can materialize.

For AutoCAD®-based, mid-sized brownfield project execution, there has always been talk about the challenges: how difficult it is to meet deadlines, stay in budget, and produce high-quality deliverables. What if there truly is a better way to flawlessly execute projects?

We believe there should be an easier, faster, and more affordable solution for Maintenance, Repair, and Operations. This was top of mind when we visited one of our customers, ECO FOX, to see how it entered the #NewEngineeringEra and improved its brownfield project execution.

Check out this new video that shows how ECO FOX overcame its project execution challenges and improved profitability. The video shares real-world examples relevant to all who are working in brownfield environments.

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