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Vol.1 | Oct. 2014 | Issue 2
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Vornel Walker
Vice President - Product Marketing

I have often heard that it is important for people to have a set of rules that provides a “moral compass,” but I had found the term slightly offensive. Why? Because I never thought that I needed someone to tell me that I should not lie, cheat, steal or commit any other “deadly sin” – we all know they are wrong. Yes?
But over the last fifteen years or so, my views on this have changed, not for individuals, but for companies. Companies owe it to their stakeholders (employees, partners, customers and investors) to let them know, not what they will not do, but what guides and drives them, and what impact they wish to have on the world. Hence the vision/mission statement.
This is where the Collins and Porras’ (Built to Last) Harvard Business Review paper: Building Your Company’s Vision, comes in (a highlight of which can be found here). The authors feel that the definition of a company’s core values, the articulation of a vision of how they see their impact on the word, and a statement of how that vision will become a reality through their mission, are all vital in defining how a company sees itself -- aspirational, and how it wishes to be seen from the outside -- inspirational.
Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions (ICAS) Mission: To be a trusted plant design and engineering solutions provider who understands our markets’ needs and process so well that it drives us to provide solutions, which exceed user expectations.
And this is the mission of all of us at ICAS.

You can watch our short YouTube mission video here.

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