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Vol.2 | Issue 8 | August 2015
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Erin Hopple 
Sr. Marketing Specialist
As the newest member of the Intergraph CADWorx and Analysis marketing team, I have been overwhelmed with the work I see our clients performing. I came from upstream oil and gas, where I helped create the discussion with engineers and geoscientists on how to more efficiently, and safely, develop reservoirs and increase production rates. Using geological information, and working with smart people, we were able to uncover hidden resources beneath the Earth's surface - it was fun.

And as tricky and complicated as their job are, I don’t think they're nearly as difficult as the products I’ve seen our clients build using Intergraph's software. That’s one of the many reasons I am very excited to start this journey with you and Intergraph.

I am looking forward to witnessing the human ingenuity that allows us to build amazing structures and plants that won't fail or crumble with time and weather. One thing we know is that we need better systems in place to ensure that your great ideas, and cost-saving plans, are implemented quickly, accurately, and with the minimum of error, and I strongly believe that Intergraph offers solutions to help achieve these goals.

Within marketing, my focus has always been on metrics and improving our marketing efforts where they make the most impact - in our users' day-to-day lives. I'll be heading up projects to help identify your precise needs and find out how we can deliver software that improves your everyday workflows. Whether that is through surveys, event networking, or analytics, I like to use a bit of science to back up our great ideas and commitment to quality.

It's good to be on board!

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