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Vol.2 | Issue 12 | December 2015
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Billy Rasco
Vice President, Global Sales
From the trenches...

We are all a collection of our past experiences and we bring those with us to work every day. We use these experiences as comparisons against current events to make educated decisions for the future. In effect, the past is what makes us, us.

This stood out to me in vivid clarity the other day as I was visiting with a client during one of our many CAU Express events. He was asking specific questions about the future of CADWorx against the backdrop of past and current products on the market. I realized he was repeating F.U.D. (
Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt) talking points that he had encountered recently and he was looking for answers to alleviate and calm his fears.
As a young man, I worked for a major US airline as part of its fleet service group. One of our many duties was to constantly be on the lookout for FOD (Foreign Object Damage). You see, jet engines do not like to ingest luggage straps or buckles, paper, cans, or even stray coins. This FOD check required us to be aware of our surroundings. Combating FOD not only maintained a level of safety around the workplace, but it prevented damage to the aircraft and a disruption of our customers' work or vacation schedules.
So it all comes back to customer safety and service. As I listened and discussed the merits of CADWorx with the client, I realized I am still on FOD watch. But now, instead of a small object causing our customer harm, it is the small ideas whispered by the competition that disrupt projects and schedules. Cleaning up FUD does not require picking up trash, it requires communication, and that is what Intergraph CAS sales endeavors to accomplish every day. We have conversations with clients about their work, project, and vacation schedules to help them meet all the deadlines.

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