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Vol.3 | Issue 2 | February 2016
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Billy Rasco
Vice President, Global Sales
Catch a Wave and You're Sitting on Top of the World...
That famous line from a Beach Boys song still gets me humming along. If you are too young to understand, Google it. But you can't blame me, I warned you it's addictive.

You would've had to have been living under a rock the last few months to not recognize the economic decline that we've experienced ... or maybe you just don't work in the oil and gas industry.

However, we do. And, in fact, the vast majority of our clients over the years work in this industry. All of us have felt the pinch of the low cost of oil. We all know that this a cyclic industry and we all have to plan to make it through the trough between the wave crests. Throughout this cycle, many of our clients may neglect their work tools due to workload or cash flow. While you may think you need to postpone renewing your software because of the times we are going through, you still need the latest productivity and codes to stay relevant in your trade.

At Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis, we recognize this dilemma. With that thought in mind, we are rolling out a new price promotion: a Historical Product Reinstatement (HPR) program. This limited-time promotion offers a 70% discount in its early phase. HPR will run through October 2016, but the best discounts are available now. HPR covers most of the Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis product line, so if you are sitting on an old release, contact your favorite salesperson for more details. If you are unsure, drop an email to and we will get back to you.

We are in a cyclic industry and it just happens to be at the bottom of the wave for now. But keep swimming because the next wave is coming ...

And remember, we are here to ride it out with you!

"Don't be afraid to try the greatest ... Hmm mmm hmmm ..."

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