Vol. 4 | Issue 2 | February 2017

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Billy Rasco
Vice President, Global Sales


I lost a good friend and mentor recently. Each time I lose someone, it causes me to pause in reflection.

Traveling through life, we interact with hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals. Many of these people become the friends with whom we choose to travel on this journey.

But only a handful of the people with whom we interact daily will come to truly affect who we are as a person. These special few are the true mentors of our lives as they shape:

The way we live
Where we live
How we interact with others
And maybe even how successful we are in life

In short, they impact our family for generations to come.

I have been lucky to have a mentor at each phase of my life. Growing up, my parents began shaping how I would live my life.

As a young man, my mentor was a driven perfectionist who taught me that the product we produced was how people in the future, who never met us, would view us.

When I was just starting out as a young salesman, another mentor taught me I could not do everything myself. I learned to share the load and rely on my teammates.

Once I became a manager, I had a mentor who lived the idea that when a problem rises to your level, it is not an easy or simple answer, but decisions still need to be made. Ambivalence is not an option.

All of this brings us to my good mentor and friend. He taught me to pass on what I have learned to help others reach even higher. While he is the genesis of this article, I will not name him because he would not have wanted the spotlight.

And that is also what I learned from him…

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