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Vol.3 | Issue 1 | January 2016
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Alex Timofeyev
Marketing Specialist
The Right Tools for the Right Job
Let’s face it - having the proper tools makes all the difference in the creation of successful deliverables. Not having the proper tools can often lead to a reduction in productivity and, subsequently, poor end results.
You wouldn’t put a nail in the wall with a wrench, just as you wouldn’t tighten a nut with a hammer. The proper tools for successful plant design and analysis are just as important.
Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a convenient way to learn about all the latest tools in plant design and analysis? Turns out there already is, and the numbers speak for themselves. In the past 12 months, there have been more than:
These outlets provide the most up-to-date material with a focus on the software specifically developed by the experts in the design, construction, and operation of plants and offshore facilities.

Here you can find updates on the latest software releases, such as the recently released CAESAR II 2016, CADWorx 2016, and PV Elite 2016, as well as the upcoming GT STRUDL 2016 release. They also feature previous and upcoming webinars, events, training workshops, and more.

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