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Vol.3 | Issue 7 | July 2016
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Alex Timofeyev
Marketing Specialist
The Power for Success

A number of us have heard the expression “knowledge is power.” The fact is, our path to power or success often comes from the knowledge we gain from those with whom we surround ourselves. Many of the most successful people around the world surround themselves with other knowledgeable people. 

At Intergraph, I have had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of individuals. Through these discussions, I was able to understand just how important it is to surround oneself with the right people. These people live and breathe plant analysis and design. I was able to gather knowledge from the challenges they face and the success stories they are able to produce, and have seen our community evolve and become strong and vibrant.

I invite you to join others as part of the Intergraph community which will give you the opportunity to benefit from participating in upcoming beta programs, secure exclusive discount offers, be the first to hear about local events such as HxGN LOCAL CAU Houston 2016, and receive notification of product updates as they become available.

With ever-changing project requirements, gaining knowledge of the latest functionalities and best practices becomes increasingly imperative for success. Discover ways in which you can improve your knowledge in plant design and analysis. Surround yourself with others in the industry and gather the power for success.

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