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Vol.3 | Issue 3 | March 2016
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Erin Hopple
Sr. Marketing Specialist
HxGN LIVE in Anaheim and HxGN Local CAU2016 Returns to Houston

I’m going to preface this article with a disclaimer: I have never been to a CAU or HxGN LIVE event. Crazy, I know. But since joining Intergraph, so many customers and employees alike have shared their experiences about these great events, and I have to say, I am pretty excited. Mostly because, for CAU this year, we’re taking it old school. This year’s CAU is a repeat of our most beloved version of this event:
  • Hosted outside of Houston in Sugarland on September 19-20
  • Filled with classes specific to our CADWorx and analysis fans
  • Buffeted with a beautiful golf tournament
  • Arranged with networking events to get you in touch with the expertise you need
If you can’t wait until September, we will also be at HxGN LIVE in Anaheim June 13-16. We’re offering three courses covering flawless project execution that will get you noticed in your company; owner operator time-tested solutions; and power, marine, and infrastructure industry trends you need to know.

The last time we were able to host CAU in this exact manner was back in 2013, and since then, we’ve been joined with the wonderful team at Hexagon and will offer new and exciting conference features. The one I’m most excited about is the HxGN TV team, who will be filming the event and creating a TV channel unique to this conference. I’m expecting everything from the classic CAU of years past but with the technological edge of a HxGN event. Bring your smartphone and prepare for one can’t-miss conference!

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