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Vol.2 | Issue 11 | November 2015
Intergraph has just released CAESAR II 2016. The latest version offers support for recent code standards along with... read more.
I scoured the Internet recently to see if there was much leeway in the definition of efficiency - there isn’t.  It was pretty clear... read more.
When correctly applied, joint efficiency determines the required thickness of a vessel component. This article... read more.
Jana Miller
Marketing Specialist
It is remarkable how quickly we have become dependent on our connection to technology. Being out of touch, even for just a few minutes, can cause people to feel anxious.

This highlights something important about ourselves. We have an innate need to stay connected to others and know what’s going on.

Here at Intergraph, we offer a number of methods that you can stay connected with us. This newsletter is one way that we do that. We hope you find this newsletter helpful with tips for your favorite solutions.

Another way you can keep in touch with us is through our LinkedIn groups and discussion forums. You can interact with fellow users and make the most of your software investment.

You can also attend webinars from the convenience of your desk, training sessions at a variety of locations, and CAU events around the world.

Explore the ways you can stay connected with us!

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Staying Connected

I saw something interesting the other day that really made me think. Take a look: