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Vol.3 | Issue 10 | October 2016
If you think of the Classic Piping Input as a book, the input dialogs/sections are like multiple pages, in which each... read more.
With CADWorx & Analysis University (CAU) just wrapped up and CADWorx Plant 2017 shipping right around the corner... read more.
Many users would like to send their PV Elite report as a PDF document. That is easy to do, provided you follow this.. read more.
Alex Timofeyev
Marketing Specialist
What Matters Most

Most will agree that achieving superior results requires a precise and clear vision that is to be built and improved upon. 

Through events such as CADWorx & Analysis University, we are able to do just that, focusing on delivering what matters most - solutions that provide you the power to tackle ever-changing project challenges with greater and superior results.

The development teams here at Intergraph are constantly working hard at building solutions that address your everyday design and engineering needs, solutions that are built upon your real-world feedback.

Recently released:

The industry de facto standard for pipe stress analysis is better than ever and includes many requests and code updates. Learn more.

TANK 2016
The quick and accurate production of designs for new tanks and evaluation of existing tanks has never been easier. Learn more.

Upcoming releases:

CADWorx Plant Professional 2017
The most advanced design solution to date for quick and easy creation of fully intelligent 3D plant models. Learn more.

CADWorx Structure

Purpose-built for the most effective creation of structural design models is soon to join the Intergraph family. Learn more.

For years, Intergraph has been the go-to provider of plant design and analysis solutions. These solutions have helped thousands of corporations create revenue-earning deliverables more quickly and accurately. And though the challenges we face might change, our vision remains the same:

“To be a trusted plant design and engineering partner who understands our markets’ needs and processes so well that it drives us to provide innovative solutions, which exceed user expectations.”

So, what matters most? Well, it is your success and it drives us to be your plant-focused solution provider of choice.

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We're set to release a new version of GT STRUDL by the end of October that features an automatic ASCE 7 Wind Load Generator... read more.