Vol.4 | Issue 4 | April 2017
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Dominik Hepp
Product Owner, CADWorx Plant

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Why choose CADWorx Structure? CADWorx Structure is a 3D steel structure design solution that offers the tools and international steel catalogs needed for today's industrial applications. Like CADWorx Plant, CADWorx Structure gives simplicity and efficiency in design providing a reduction of modeling time.  Learn more.
Enhanced the Create Assembly functionality in the Pipe Support Modeler palette. You can enter decimal values without the zero. The software warns you when you switch to a drawing while working on a pipe support, and allows you to cancel the work and switch to the other drawing. The Group Name allows you to enter any length for the name.
The Announcement is Out!

This is a very exciting time. The announcement is out - CADWorx 2017 R1 is now available! We are of course excited with each new release of CADWorx, however 2017 R1 stands out and accomplishes a major new milestone never before delivered.
Interest in seeing CADWorx run on additional platforms is nothing new. However the value of offering this is greater now than ever before in light of persistent economic pressures to lower costs, combined with the continued need for perpetual CAD platform licensing options.
We have heard your calls, and with CADWorx 2017 R1 we have dedicated significant development to deliver what you have been asking for. With CADWorx 2017 R1 and going forward you now have the choice of running either on AutoCAD as previously or on BricsCAD. With the 2017 R1 release CADWorx Plant, Equipment, P&ID, IP, and Structure each offer full functionality on either the BricsCAD Pro or BricsCAD Platinum new platforms.
If you are not familiar with BricsCAD, I want to encourage you to download a Trial version and explore this new capable and very cost effective option. When you launch BricsCAD you immediately notice how familiar it looks with all the ribbons, toolbars, menu options, palettes, and command prompt. Most of the commands and system variables are identical between AutoCAD and BricsCAD, eliminating the need for extensive cross-training. The DWG file format used is identical with contents compatible across both systems as well, necessitating no changes in project deliverables.
Join us on Tuesday, April 18 for the CADWorx Plant 2017 R1 release webinar and participate in a more extensive discussion on the new capabilities. We look forward to seeing you there!

Connect with Dominik: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dominik-hepp-1807aa5/
April 18 - CADWorx Webinar: What's New in CADWorx Plant 2017 R1. Learn more.

April 26 - CADWorx Webinar: What's New in CADWorx Structure 2017 R1. Learn more.