As we come closer to the CADWorx Plant 2016 Release later this year, now is the time to sign up to participate in the CADWorx Plant 2016 Beta Program. If you are a current CADWorx Plant license holder active on maintenance, you will be eligible to participate in the CADWorx Plant 2016 Beta Program subject to export compliance verification.

We will be providing participants with the latest Beta version of the software available at the time of Beta Program launch. We will also be providing a Beta Program Guideline, summarizing enhancements completed or in progress toward the 2016 release. Large scale enhancements will have an accompanying Capability Review document covering new functionality associated with the enhancement in greater detail.

Getting your hands on these resources, provides an excellent opportunity to get a first look at, and hands on experience with, changes coming with the CADWorx Plant 2016 release. All we ask in return is that you provide us with your feedback on observations; instructions for reporting, etc. will be provided in the Beta Program Guideline.

The Beta Program for CADWorx Plant 2016 will launch in August of this year. Contact me at and make sure to indicate “CADWorx Plant Beta” in the e-mail subject. I will include your contact details on the Beta Interest list. Contacts on the Beta Interest list will be receiving instructions to apply for the Beta Program when we get closer to the Program launch.

Please note that Beta product use will be subject to the Beta Test agreement, available for review and acceptance when submitting your application. The Beta Test agreement is necessary to establish Confidentiality terms, ensure Beta software is not used for Production purposes, etc.

Vol.2 | Issue 8 | August 2015
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Dominik Hepp
CADWorx Product Management

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