Vol.4 | Issue 2 | February 2017
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Nicolas Lamy
Technical Engineer

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In CADWorx Plant 2017 you can now map component and pipeline data to Isogen plot and drawing border attributes.

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New Training dates for CADWorx in Europe have been added - come see the latest releases and learn what important advantages are available for you to make the most of your time and investment! Learn more.
Custom Data Information Visible in BOMs and Isometric Drawings

When using CADWorx Plant Professional, each component in the CADWorx model will have certain data associated with it. Using the provided specifications, this is mainly for the specification data, tags, descriptions and part numbering, plus the location in 3D space and the properties such as length and weight of the individual item. The information is populated from the specification, and originates from the catalog, stored at the component level.

In the catalog, you can create Custom Data for your components. The type of data defined can be text, numeric or a selected limited to a drop down list.

Right-clicking on the Custom Data section of any component in the catalog allows a user to add a new Custom Data. This can be done at a component level, or can be added to multiple components by adding at the folder level or added to all components at the top level.
As an example, for the Gate Valve, we will add a column for the name of the manufacturer: