Vol.4 | Issue 3 | March 2017
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Gopi Kandru

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You can assign selection codes to generic nozzles. For more information on configuring Applicable Bolts and Applicable Gaskets settings, see Selection Codes in the CADWorx Specification Editor User’s Guide.
Diversification of CADWorx - Deliverables to BIM Projects

Like good chess players, forward-thinking companies will think two or three moves ahead.

In challenging economic times, many companies explore new markets to grow their business and revenue streams. Diversification and globalization are the keys to the future. Diversification can open up whole new markets and can be the result of natural business progression. ICAS is a growing diverse business that is continually entering new sectors. With a well-established CADWorx product, diversification can open up whole new markets.

CADWorx is a unique system which can be easily adopted to projects of any size, irrespective of industry. Extending and broadening the CADWorx product range helps us to boost sales in current markets. The usage of CADWorx expands into non-Oil and Gas industries such as food and beverages, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, and semi-conductor. The key factor is data exchange opportunities for the reuse of data, which makes CADWorx the world’s most effective and easy to use solution.

CADWorx Design Review, part of CADWorx suite, is going to release its 2017 R1 version at the end of March. This release contains IFC functionality which enables CADWorx to work in new industries. We are very excited about the new possibilities that CADWorx Design Review offers to publish CADWorx models into the BIM software world.  IFC Export mainly addresses deliverable requirements into BIM projects.

CADWorx Design Review now acts as a centralized publishing software where you can review piping & equipment drawings from CADWorx Plant and structure drawings from CADWorx Structure. You can also export all drawing components into the IFC format so that all major BIM software players like (Revit, ArchiCAD, Tekla) can open CADWorx models.

Open a model created in a CADWorx design suite (Plant, Structure products) in CADWorx Design Review.