The Price of Change

Change is the only constant. It's an old saying, but it is as current now as it has ever been. It's been widely acknowledged that the pace of change across many aspects of life around the world is accelerating with time, affecting personal and business environments alike. Can you imagine that only 10 yours ago, we had never even heard of the iPhone or iPad.
But regardless of whether change has a positive or negative impact, it's here to stay. What sets us apart from other "species" is that we are able to adjust more quickly and adopt new solutions or make changes in how we apply existing solutions in order to survive and thrive.
When commodity price swings impact profit margins negatively, businesses look for efficiencies they can make to strengthen core competencies and increase competitiveness. They acquire new technologies or reach out into new markets with greater opportunity. A company's ability to adjust quickly depends in large part on its agility which is driven by many factors including the flexibility and effectiveness of the processes and tools they use.
We at Intergraph CADWorx and Analysis Solutions (ICAS) strive to provide the most efficient and cost effective solutions available. We recognize that our customers each have their own recipe for competitive advantage, and work hard to make sure our solution capabilities are fit to meet diverse workflow and process needs.
CADWorx Plant 2016 provides support for a greater range of component types than ever before, expanding the types of applications and technologies for which users can leverage the power of CADWorx Plant as their one-stop design solution of choice. We are enhancing the intelligence behind component connectivity and routing for CADWorx Pant 2017 such that regardless the diversity of needs across industries such as water treatment, food and beverage, high purity, etc., users will be able to get highly accurate designs, data, and deliverables even faster when using CADWorx Plant solutions.
Contact us with your thoughts and input. Let’s work together to make sure you will have the tools you need to thrive in this world of change.

Vol.3 | Issue 5 | May 2016
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Dominik Hepp
CADWorx Product Owner

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With CADWorx 2016, you can use the the Incompatible Component Actions rule to control when components in a drawing update if that drawing has incompatible components. You cannot change the data or update any incompatible component in a drawing. You can only update components compatible with the current version being used.
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