Vol.4 | Issue 5 | May 2017
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Aimee Ferguson
Product Owner, CADWorx Structure

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Create your design firm’s stair, ladder, and handrail configurations by setting the appropriate properties in each of the assemblies’ placement palette.  Then save the configuration for later use or transfer to other CADWorx Structure products using the CADWorx Structure Editor.
You can now export CADWorx Plant and Structure elements to IFC using CADWorx Design Review.  IFC 2x3 and IFC4 formats are now supported for export in the latest version of CDR.  The user is able to easily map CADWorx components to IFC Element classes to support various BIM software's IFC implementations.
Upgrading to CADWorx Structure 2017 R1

Frequently last year I requested feedback from our users on how to best improve on the initial CADWorx Structure release. You responded to this invitation enthusiastically and now it’s time to see the results of your input with the release of CADWorx Structure 2017 R1. Let me introduce to you the benefits in this new release.

Over the past few weeks, you’ve seen the announcement that the CADWorx Suite now supports an additional CAD platform (BricsCAD) with the latest release. Of course, we continue to run on the AutoCAD platform and for CADWorx Structure, we have even added a new supported version, AutoCAD 2017.  While platform support was a significant portion of our development time for 2017 R1, you’ll also be excited to learn that CADWorx Structure has also continued to enhance and deliver new functionality needed for the structural designer. 

One major area of enhancement has been on the integration side. In order to pass 3D models from design to analysis or detailing tools, we developed the CIS/2 export to allow you to save time and effort by not remodeling the structure in the other software packages. 

Another theme we focused on for the 2017 R1 release was to improve user experience on existing tools.  Gusset Plate placement, improved coping and mitering functionality, improved banding options for grating, and project reuse of assembly templates will assist both the designer and administrator in using CADWorx Structure. Additionally, we’ve expanded the opening functionality to include placement in members and plate objects to support skid design.

Brand new for 2017 R1 is the new selection filtering tool which allows you to select objects in your model based on object properties, making it easier to apply modifications to only a selection of objects.  Similarly, we’ve added layer selection options in the Bill of Material setup to allow the user to define exactly which layers should be included in the BOM report.  Also completely new for this release are the new Weight and Center of Gravity tool, Member Annotation support, and a new steel library (BS 5950).

As always, I encourage you to read the “What’s New” section of the software documentation to get the complete list of added and fixed item.  Finally, I want to encourage you to watch the CADWorx Structure 2017 R1 What’s New webinar that was held on April 26.  It is available for streaming if you’d like a demonstration of the above referenced new features.

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