Efficiency Matters

I scoured the Internet recently to see if there was much leeway in the definition of efficiency - there isn’t.  It was pretty clear that efficiency is saving time, money or energy in producing a desired result. Many of our customers have chosen CADWorx as their 3D modelling solution of choice for just this reason. Well, what if you could take this further by integrating even more of the available technology to be even more efficient?
As a dealer and support provider we speak to many customers each day. We also have the opportunity to see, as a consultant, the many different ways our customers use our software. There is a commonality for many, in the opportunity to integrate further, which will lead to increased ‘efficiency’. For example: CADWorx Plant Professional, has our base P&ID module built into the software you already own. Are you using it? Are you paying for another software program that you may no longer need when you could be using CADWorx in that role?  Have you looked at the optional Orthogen module to see how it can benefit your operation? If you are still running 2012 or older are you aware that our users have reported a 35% gain in productivity by moving to our latest versions? Lastly, ICAS products have been engineered and continually evolved to offer bi-directional capabilities. If you are a PV Elite or CAESAR II user, there may be additional tools you could utilize. ICAS and your local dealer would be pleased to guide you if you need assistance in learning how to implement these features.
Don’t take it from us alone that this will help you.  There are real life success stories around efficient use of our products.  Gas Liquids Engineering in Canada estimates that Orthogen has reduced the overall time spent on GA's by up to 75%.  They also shaved months off of completion time for a particular project by using the bi-directional capabilities of CAESAR II and CADWorx Plant Professional.
Industry is faced with a few global challenges right now one might say.  What better time to look at ways to help your organization impact their bottom line.

Vol.2 | Issue 11 | November 2015
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Jim Jordan
VP Sales and Operations - CodeCAD Inc.

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