The technical team at Plant Design Solutions answers dozens of calls and emails daily to support CADWorx clients within the U.S. While observing the interaction between the staff with clients over the years, it becomes evident that CADWorx Plant Professional is a genuine workhorse for many reasons. For the sake of keeping this article concise, we will focus on just one reason: the ease of getting started.

In my years of introducing new software applications to engineers, architects, surveyors, planners, and designers, the same question comes up: “Sure this application looks great, but how long will it take us to set it up?”

I’ve worked with software companies who built a business around selling that extensive “implementation,” but in my role with Plant Design Solutions and observing our technical team, I can clearly see the beauty of CADWorx Plant Professional in its simplicity of getting set up and going.

CADWorx is more than 20 years old, and so the support specialists behind the product speak to a mix of seasoned piping designers along with new drafters who are taking on their maiden project to model pipe for isometric deliverables. Initially there are some questions that can arise, but they taper off, whether it’s through working with our technical team or taking live or online training ( - clients are often in production mode within a couple months, if not weeks.

Often we see clients go into cruise control with CADWorx, but others keep pressing forward with spec-driven, data-centric models in CADWorx Plant Professional, continuing to look for ways to improve their process. And ultimately it is those same clients who test the mettle of our technical team to keep improving the benefits that CADWorx offers, creating a truly comprehensive solution.

Vol.2 | Issue 10 | October 2015
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Kevin Murphy
Director of Sales - Plant Design Solutions

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