Vol.3 | Issue 10 | October 2016
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Dominik Hepp
Product Owner - CADWorx Plant & P&ID

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CADWorx Equipment 2016 ships with a whole new set of example PV Elite PVDB files. Browse to the Example PVDB folder in the Equipment installation folder to check out the new examples.
You can easily migrate your CADWorx 2016 installation from one of the supported AutoCAD versions to any of the other supported AutoCAD versions using the updated Setup Profile utility.
October 13 - Intergraph Webinar: CADWorx Structure 2017 Pre-Release. Learn more.

October 25
- Intergraph Webinar: What's New in CADWorx Plant Professional 2017.
Learn more.
With CADWorx & Analysis University (CAU) just wrapped up and CADWorx Plant 2017 shipping right around the corner, fall makes for a very exciting time of year!
Many thanks to all of you who attended HxGN Local CAU Houston 2016. It was a great success as we welcomed more than 230 attendees. Bringing the event back to Houston was a very meaningful homecoming. Thanks for your active participation in networking with fellow users, instructors, valued sponsors, and Intergraph staff members. CAU offers such a unique opportunity to interact with many of the faces behind the design, development, and support for each of the Intergraph solutions. So many of you took advantage of the chance to train on the latest Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis technologies in hands-on labs. You also attended product-specific sessions that went in-depth on the benefits that our solutions provide.
Feedback from the user conference has been overwhelmingly positive and we find this input highly valuable. The future of our products is driven entirely by the business needs expressed by our market and customer base. There is no shortage in the opportunities we plan to pursue over the next several releases.
Several CAU sessions provided an overview, insight, and some early hands-on exploration of the new capabilities available in CADWorx Plant 2017. We are very excited about the new possibilities that CADWorx Plant 2017 offers to further streamline design workflows across your existing technology portfolio. But CADWorx Plant 2017 also enables you to reach out into new industries.
Existing component capabilities have opened up, and new support for custom end types has been introduced. This removes all limits for your definition of component types and design/connectivity control. Several new features have been added to support clamped system design with the same level of ease for which CADWorx Plant layout is so well known.
Join us during the What’s New in CADWorx 2017 webinar for a more extensive discussion on the new capabilities and discover the benefits CADWorx 2017 has to offer, such as:

Automatic isometric revision clouding
Greater control of component types and connectivity
Faster spec creation using catalog-driven defaults
IFC export of piping geometry using CADWorx Design Review

We look forward to seeing you there!

Connect with Dominik: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dominik-hepp-1807aa5