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CAESAR II 2016 – Making Your Work Easier, Part 2

In last month’s newsletter, we discussed some new productivity enhancements in the latest version of CAESAR II. Let’s now take a look at some more quick and easy right-click menus.

There is a right-click menu now for block (multiple element) operations on the model, such as rotating, deleting, duplicating, renumbering and more. Select several elements, right-click and choose your group operation.

And, the quick-and-easy new features extend beyond these right-click menus. While in Distance measuring mode, you can now press Ctrl+Click to make multiple distance measurements on your model, and the software keeps all measurements displayed.

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Vol.3 | Issue 1 | January 2016
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CAESAR II also has another command similar to distance measurement command. This “Lengths” command will display element lengths on the model. This could be useful in verifying the model geometry.