Richard Ay
Vice President and Chief Technical Officer

Focused on Quality Assurance

Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions has always been focused on the quality of its software products. Going back in history, the first automated testing was implemented for CAESAR II in 1987 – long before automation became an industry buzzword. A good quality process is ever evolving, continuously striving to improve.

Since 1987, all ICAS products have continued to increase the suite of test and benchmark jobs. Each of the analysis products runs and evaluates the entire test suite of jobs in an automated fashion when any change is made to the software. This process continually ensures the numerical correctness of the software.

QA Database

In addition, design and test plans are written before a new feature is implemented in the software. This not only provides a huge benefit to the development process, but also guides the manual testing of each feature that is added or modified. When completed, tests are submitted to a database where each test step is mapped to features and properties of the software. This Quality Assurance (QA) database provides a mechanism to systematically repeat the tests, as well as generate coverage statistics on not just the new features in a release, but the overall software product as well.

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Vol.3 | Issue 12 | December 2016
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Double-click on an error or warning in the integrated Error Checker, and CAESAR II takes you to the associated element in the Classic Piping Input. Click the Errors and Warnings tab at the bottom of the dialog box to return to the Error Checker.
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After you analyze the job, you can review any warnings and messages indicated in the Error Checker at the output level from the Warnings Report.