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CAESAR II Targeted Learning Portal

As a pipe stress engineer, your work probably presents you with new situations that require additional research or training. Sometimes a project involves new geometry that forces you to analyze the situation using different methods, or there might be a case that reminds you of something encountered previously, which requires extensive review. 

Few engineers have sufficient time to research and develop these expert skills. Now there's a powerful new tool that instantly shows you how CAESAR II addresses your topics of interest. 

The CAESAR II Targeted Learning Portal displays results of your search topics in a list that makes it easy to get immediate, in-depth learning about the subject you're investigating. 

Designed to both train and increase productivity, the system can sift through and access specific sections of our video database and instantly display links to your focused topics. Currently it includes more than 145 CAESAR II training videos, with more being added regularly. 

As we continue to increase and enhance the video content, the CAESAR II Targeted Learning Portal will only continue to increase in usefulness. Try it here now for a limited time only for free! There is no registration required. After our public review period ends May 10, this search system will only be available to our subscribers. Let your investigation begin! 

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Vol.3 | Issue 5 | May 2016
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The Element List command in CAESAR II is a great way to get an overview of your model and also take advantage of its powerful editing features.  You can highlight an element group, right click and select Block Operation.