Fumio (Anthony) Ando
Manager and Senior Consultant, Intergraph Japan

Filters Refine Your Output Results

The Static Output Processor includes a powerful Filter menu option. This enables you to refine and focus in on only the data results you need to see.

Filters are very useful in processing reports with results from more than one class.

For example, with the Restraint Summary Extended report, fields exist from two classes - restraints and displacements.

In this case, if the restraint class is failing, but the displacement class is passing, then filtering by the default “OR” operator tells the software to show the entire dataset in the results.

To exclude one dataset from the report, you should instead use the “AND” operator.

Then, the software filters data by line numbers first, then by nodes, and then by Classes and Fields, as specified on the Filters Options tab.

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Carbon Steel Piping

A presentation at the Spring 2016 ASME B31.3 Process Piping Code Committee meeting in Seattle covered the brittle failure of certain materials that meet specification.

A good review of that presentation is found in the July Letters to the Editor in Chemical Engineering magazine.

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