Enrique Savoini, Senior Application Engineer
Christopher Bradshaw, Business Development Specialist

CAESAR II Graphics and Menu Enhancements

In CAESAR II 2017 (Version 9.0), you will notice a number of enhancements to the graphics that improve both the visual display of your model and provide increased functionality in terms of graphical-based modelling operations.

In previous versions of CAESAR II, applied displacements or applied forces and moments on a given node were displayed. It was not always clear on which node the displacements/forces and moments were applied, and it was not visible on the model without activating the legend.

In CAESAR II 2017, the display of displacements/forces and moments on the 3D model has been improved to show a set of symbols similar to restraints. The software shows the resultant load as a vector arrow, and any fixed degrees of freedom are shown as a symbol similar to the restraint symbol, with rotational directions having a new symbol to differentiate from translational directions.

New enhancements also include improvements to the display of axial restraints and node numbers. In previous versions of CAESAR II, axial restraints were displayed on the centerline of the pipe at the specified node. This could often lead to the restraint being hidden and displayed inside the pipe, and users had to either switch to a translucent shade mode or increase the display size of restraints to make the axial support visible.

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Vol. 4 | Issue 2 | February 2017
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