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Would you like to know how CAESAR II really works? How does CAESAR II calculate displacements, forces, and stresses? Which primary mathematical process does CAESAR II use as it evaluates piping models?

These questions are answered in the latest video training lesson from Pipin, F=KX: CAESAR II and the Stiffness Method.

David Diehl, the Director of Training at Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions, has produced a series of seven videos and an 80-page lesson guide that explore these
topics in depth. This original content is a fascinating look at the inner workings of CAESAR II. After you grasp these principles, you will have a direct path from your input screen to the displacement report in CAESAR II. Such an understanding will be instrumental in setting your expectations from your CAESAR II analyses and increase your knowledge of pipe stress analysis.

There are currently two certification courses available: CAESAR II Fundamentals and CAESAR II Statics One. Additional courses are under development.

Every six weeks another CAESAR II lesson is added to the Statics libraries. Topics include:
  • How the Piping Codes and CAESAR II Calculate Stresses - 8 Videos
  • Hanger Design in CAESAR II - 9 Videos
  • Hanger Controls - Optimizing Your Design - 9 Videos
  • Modeling a Turbine Exhaust Line - 9 Videos
  • Piping Codes - 2 Videos
  • Stress Intensification Factors - 2 Videos
  • CAESAR II and the Stiffness Method - 7 Videos
  • The Quick Build Model - 12 Videos
  • Plus - CAESAR II Fundamentals Training (4 Lessons) - 33 Videos
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Vol.2 | Issue 10 | October 2015
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To help you with internal QA associated with adopting a new version, you can take advantage of the CAESAR II Verification and Validation Guide, which includes about 60 verification problem comparisons, corresponding CAESAR II input jobs, and a tool to compare outputs.
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