Stephanie Donovan
Business Development Analyst/Subject Matter Expert

CAESAR II 2016 – Making Your Work Easier

CAESAR II 2016 is jam-packed with great technical features and support for the latest of many code standards. With this release, there are some enhancements that can directly change how you work too. And, by change we mean that in the best possible way—by improving productivity and making your job faster and easier!

Right-Click Your Way to Faster Modeling

CAESAR II 2016 includes quick and easy right-click menus that let you access frequently-performed modeling options without ever leaving the model. No more scanning through toolbars or menu options to find what you need! Simply select an element (or a group of elements) and right-click your way towards a completed model in much less time!

Single-Element Actions

Select a single-element, and the right-click menu options include several of your most common modeling tasks. For example, right-click and select the element options to insert, break or delete an element.

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Click the Lock Graphics icon

to lock the 3D model in Piping Input to prevent the software from updating or replotting the model when you make changes. This can be helpful when working with larger models.