Going it Alone in an Integrated World

When COADE, as it was at the time, released CADWorx PIPE, its first piping design solution, we thought that we had it made. Pipers want piping, right? Yes, but also they wanted steel to place their pipes on. No problem, we added steel. All set? Well not quite, what about equipment? So that got added too ...

The evolution from CADWorx PIPE to its current form, CADWorx Plant Professional, with integrated piping, steel, equipment, cable trays, etc., occurred over time and was due to the input and feedback we received from the field. Input that said we want more, but we want it to work just like the piping does.

One of the main reasons CADWorx Plant Professional is so successful is that users do not have to come out of the tool to create these multi-discipline components. The items that make up a full and rich plant design can all be created with the same design “feel” and within the AutoCAD environment.

Synergy, one of the themes of this month’s newsletter, is often seen as greatly beneficial in helping teams work together better and more effectively. But what are often overlooked are the benefits that can come from individual users working in an environment that fully integrates piping, steel, equipment, cable trays, etc., within the same design space.

As an example, in this synergistic environment, designers do not have to wait to perform batch collision checking by exporting files to be read into other packages. Instead, collision checking can be done on-the-fly as each component is placed, giving instant feedback.

Sometimes bringing synergy down to the individual level has some of the greatest benefits.

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Vol.1 | Mar. 2015 | Issue 7
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Sangita Rivera
Senior Marketing Specialist
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