Vol. 3 | Issue 12 | Dec. 2016

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Erin Hopple
Sr. Marketing Specialist

Modular Construction for Structural Engineers

A typical large module can take up to one year of a structural engineer's time to design and analyze the different conditions needed for modular construction, like crane lifting and barges.

GT STRUDL uniquely solves the problem of finding a solution across the many different conditions of a modular construction project by allowing structural engineers to make changes to a master model once (instead of the typical five models).

In this month's webinar and our latest whitepaper, we take a deep look at how EPCs are delivering low construction costs with better quality engineering deliverables in a fraction of the time by employing GT STRUDL as their go-to solution for structural analysis.


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December 8 - GT STRUDL Webinar: Modular Construction. Learn more.

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GT STRUDL users can create a group of transport braces (i.e. temporary braces which will only be used when the structure is on an SPMT and on the barge). These braces can be activated and deactivated depending upon what load conditions are run.

GT STRUDL's engine may be the world's fastest structural analysis matrix inversion solvers, completing a liquid natural gas module with 1,637 analytical members and 159 gravity load cases for linear analysis in .07 seconds and for nonlinear analysis in 50 seconds.