We're set to release a new version of GT STRUDL by the end of October that features an automatic ASCE 7 Wind Load Generator, which is an all new capability for GT STRUDL.

Likewise, the CAD Modeler within GT STRUDL will receive many updates, including complete compatibility with AutoCAD 2017.

Be on the lookout for a webinar invitation in the coming weeks. In the webinar, we'll detail all the new enhancements to both the CAD Modeler and GT Menu.

New Wind Load Preview

Vol. 3 | Issue 10 | Oct. 2016

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CAUOnline has two free basic courses on GT STRUDL; one on how to get started using GT Menu, and one that walks you through building a model in GT Menu.

You can sort your output in GT STRUDL by using two commands, ITEMIZE BY MEMBERS and ITEMIZE BY PROFILE NAMES. The members option outputs the effective length, density, volume, and weight of each individual member specified and final total length, volume, and weight in currently active units. The profile names option outputs the same data but ordered by profile name.

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Erin Hopple
Sr. Marketing Specialist, Intergraph