Have you registered for HxGN LOCAL CAU Houston, yet? For GT STRUDL users, this is a great chance to get hands-on instruction and technical knowledge from leading GT STRUDL practitioners.

We'll have the development team on hand to answer any questions and get feedback on new capabilities you'd like to have in GT STRUDL.

Below I've included a short preview of the hands-on lab "Concurrent CAD and CAE with CADWorx and GT STRUDL."

We’ll have many classes like this one at our conference in Houston, September 19 – 20. If you’d like to take user-oriented classes and hands-on labs to ensure that you’re the go-to structural engineering expert at your company, please join us!

Vol. 3 | Issue 9 | Sept. 2016

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The use of GTTABLE in a batch mode only involves the use of commands (i.e., there are no menu picks during a batch execution).

Sometimes, the addition of tables of steel rolled shapes are required. The GTTABLE program provides the ability to create and modify such additional tables and to permanently store them for future reference.

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Erin Hopple
Sr. Marketing Specialist, Intergraph