We’ve released the first CADWorx and Analysis University Online (CAUOnline) class for GT STRUDL®! In this class, we dive into GTMenu, one of four ways to develop your structural analysis data and look at how to get started using GTMenu in the 2016 version of GT STRUDL.

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Vol. 3 | Issue 8 | August 2016

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The Create/Edit Groups Dialog has been improved in the 2016 R1 version to allow Physical Members to be created using the dialog. If members are added to a Physical Member Group, they will be checked since Physical Members require all the Members to be collinear, contiguous, and to have the same cross section and beta angle. Also, there should not be internal member releases in the physical member.

The Hot Spot Influence Function (HSIF) method for fatigue stress computation has been added to the offshore fatigue analysis capability. The purpose of the HSIF method is to provide for the computation of effective hot spot stresses in arbitrary weld configurations that may be best modeled as 2D/3D finite element substructures that are too complex and cumbersome to be included in the one-dimensional frame member models normally employed for fatigue analysis. This is accomplished by using a hot spot influence matrix to transform member section forces to a set of weld stress components that are further used as input to the S-N curve for the computation of fatigue cycles to failure. The influence matrices are specified by the new FATIGUE MEMBER HSIF DATA command.

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