GT STRUDL User Conference Sessions Now Available!

This September 19 - 20, we'll all be meeting up to discover how you can increase opportunities and grow capabilities by learning about Intergraph's solutions and how they can help make you become more flexible and competitive. This technical knowledge, user-oriented event regularly attracts attendees from all over the world, and perfectly balances informative lectures, hands-on labs, end-user interaction, and constructive social activities.

Here's the current session agenda for GT STRUDL users. If you're interested in other products, you can see all of the sessions offered at the CADWorx and Analysis University (CAU) online.

Monday, Sept. 19

  • Keynote Presentation
  • GT STRUDL Road Map by Dr. Kenneth (Mac) Will, Intergraph
  • Lunch and sponsor sessions
  • Tips and Techniques for GT STRUDL (Lab) by Dr. Michael Swanger and Dr. Kenneth (Mac) Will, Intergraph
  • GT STRUDL Interoperability – Augment SmartPlant 3D, CAESAR II, and Other Intergraph Solutions by Joe Harrison, Intergraph

Tuesday, Sept. 20

  • Analysis and Design of Tensile Fabric Structures by David Hodges, Independent Consultant
  • Concurrent CAD and CAE with CADWorx and GT STRUDL by George Montgomery, ECE Design
  • Part 1: Analysis and Design of Foundations under Dynamic Loads using GT STRUDL by Carlos Coronado, Bechtel
  • Part 2: Application of GT STRUDL for the Analysis and Design of Industrial Structures under Flow-Induced Vibration by Carlos Coronado, Bechtel
  • Design a Tornado Missile Resistant Shield Structure Using GT STRUDL by Madhavkant Mayankant, P.E., Enercon Services Inc.

Vol. 3 | Issue 7 | July 2016

Get social with us!

GT STRUDL has many different printing commands, including PRINT PARAMETER VALUES, PRINT CONSTRIAINT CONDITIONS, PRINT DESIGN DATA, and PRINT MEMBER PROPERTIES. The command PRINT DESIGN DATA includes the values of both PRINT PARAMETER VALUES and PRINT CONSTRAINT CONDITIONS. Each print command will display in table form and include all currently active units.

The "AS" option of the select command provides a convenient way of specifying section locations along a member, when you're modeling steel. When specified, the locations implied by the "AS" option take precendence over any location values given in a prior section command of the member.

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Erin Hopple
Sr. Marketing Specialist, Intergraph