Vol. 3 | Issue 11 | Nov. 2016

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Erin Hopple
Sr. Marketing Specialist

We've just released Intergraph® CADWorx® Structure 2017, an AutoCAD-based fit-for-purpose tool for creating concrete and steel structure designs and engineers who model plant buildings, pipe racks, offshore topsides, and industrial structures that are part of the process, power, and manufacturing plant world.

This solution has been developed with end users in mind at every decision point and includes the targeted tools needed to create revenue-driven plant structure models very easily and quickly. Just as CADWorx Plant Professional provides an easy-to-use solution for piping designers, CADWorx Structure is focused on excelling in structural modeling and design. While other structural software packages are overrun with options and add-ons a structural designer will never use, CADWorx Structure has been purpose built to deliver structural designs with virtually no technical and administrative overhead.



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You can easily migrate your CADWorx 2016 installation from one of the supported AutoCAD versions to any of the other supported AutoCAD versions using the updated Setup Profile utility.

CADWorx Equipment 2016 ships with a whole new set of example PV Elite PVDB files. Browse to the Example PVDB folder in the Equipment installation folder to check out the new examples.