Vol.4 | Issue 5 | May 2017
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Joe Harrison
Product Owner - GT STRUDL

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Geoff Blumber (North American Channel Manager) will be presenting at Hexagon 2017 in Las Vegas on Friday Jun 16th (11-11:45am) in the room Marco Polo 807. Look for Session 2610 - GT STRUDL for Structural Analysis: Increased Productivity, NRC Quality and Round-tripping for Intergraph Smart 3D.
For many of the Edit dialogs in GT STRUDL 2017, when you have the Mode bar set to “List” you will see a More Options button that allows interactive selection of members to build a list.  This selection is also added in the text field of the dialog.
Looking for More? Look at the New GT STRUDL!

With all kinds of new features, you’ll see a lot more benefits to your analysis needs and feel the advantages of improved workflow. We continue to push the product in the areas of Design Codes, Loadings, User Experience (UX), and Interoperability with other products to expand your analytical capabilities and design opportunities. GT STRUDL 2017 reflects this determination.

And, like the other products that comprise the ICAS suite, GT STRUDL provides full functionality to new and additional platforms, BricsCAD Pro or BricsCAD Platinum, to go along with your current AutoCAD option. These new platforms provide seamless and effortless adoption, thereby keeping your team continuously productive and your costs down. We encourage you to download a Trial version and see for yourself.

In terms of new requests, your load got a whole lot easier. In the 2017 Release we have added a new Seismic (Earthquake) Load Generator (ASCE 7-05/10) and included improvements to Area Loading. Both additions, now allow run-time computation and distribution of loads to joints and members. So, if you change the topology of your model, these forces are automatically reapplied. If you have projects in Canada, take advantage of our new design code, Canadian Steel Design Code (CSA-2014). With the new Results Datasheets you can check your Member & Section Forces, Joint Reactions & Displacements, and of course your steel code checks.

There has also been a plethora of other user interface improvements to GTMenu allowing your engineers to Edit/Review Joints, Members, and Elements along with a new and user friendly layout to CAD Modeler. And don’t forget to try the concrete section builder and the addition of circular openings and notched corners in the Base Plate Wizard.

Join us on Thursday, May 11 for the GT STRUDL 2017 release webinar and participate in a more extensive discussion on the new capabilities. We look forward to seeing you there!

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May 11 - GT STRUDL Webinar: What's New in GT STRUDL 2017. Learn more.