Ray Delaforce
Software Engineer

Understanding Joint Efficiency and How to Apply It

Part 3: Applying a Weld Joint Efficiency

Thank you for joining us for the first two installments of this article, where we explored the definition of joint efficiency. We are now ready to discuss how to apply a weld joint efficiency. All the information is in Figure UW-12.

Let’s examine the demotion of a weld. What does that mean?  Well, consider the following example:
  • We have a Type 2 weld (where the backing strip remains in place).
  • The Category A weld is radiographed for its entire length.
  • The Category B welds on either side of the Category A weld are radiographed.
By definition, that weld qualifies for Full Radiography.

Now suppose one of the Category B welds was not subjected to any radiography. The Category A weld would not qualify for Full Radiography.

Let’s take a look at the equation for determining the required thickness of a cylindrical shell:

Read the rest of the article in the Insider Blog post.

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For a quick vessel view of the materials selected for the design model, click on the 3D Ribbon tab and press the ‘Show Material’ icon:

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The 3D view will show the vessel model in a color code depending on the material selected for each element and a new section will show the color legend. This feature can help ensure review that the model has the desired materials selected for the elements and details In the vessel.