Ray Delaforce
PV Elite Senior Support Engineer

Convert Your PV Elite Output Report to PDF

Many users would like to send their PV Elite report as a PDF document. That is easy to do, provided you follow this simple procedure.

Before you press the Analyze button in PV Elite, click the PDF icon first. It will then display a yellow border like this:

Vol.3 | October 2016 | Issue 10
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For new PV Elite users, it is often useful to review our “Quick Start” guide to have a quick look and get a feel of the software to learn the basics and capabilities of PV Elite.

You can review this PDF document by selecting the “Quick Start” button found in the Help Ribbon menu.

PV Elite will compress the input, intermediate, and output files into a file with the extension *.pv to easily manage a pressure vessel model.

However, you can set the program to avoid compressing the files by checking the box “Do not Compress the Input Files” found in the Tools/Configuration dialog.

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Now click the Analyze button to generate the report in the usual way. Once you choose the Output Processor, select the reports you wish to be included in your report.

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