Luis Sanjuan
Software Engineer

Get the Most Out of Your Output File

Every engineer chooses how they want to keep records of their PV Elite analysis, either through Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, or a printed copy.

Whatever the choice, it is useful to keep a good record of the final results for future reference. The past two versions of PV Elite have offered enhanced output generation of analysis reports.

I personally choose to produce PDF reports. This is because the results cannot be modified. Plus, I can make comments or highlight words without affecting the original words or views of the produced output reports.

PV Elite 2016 introduced a new design for tables that is only available when you send the reports to PDF format. The PDF produces table headings and the table body with colors that you can pick in the Options tab in the Output Application.


You can also add the 3D model in the PDF to review the position of the details in the vessel. A screen capture of the 2D view is now available as a separate report.

You can pick and choose which reports to send to PDF, but if you want to have the Bookmarks in the PDF, you should select the Table of Contents report as well. This enables you to jump through various reports as you please.

Producing reports is not only great for record keeping, but it can help you share information with others. Take a glimpse of the PV Elite output report in PDF format and think of the possibilities.

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The 3D View will display a local loads symbol above the nozzles that have local stress analysis loads.

Vol. 3 | Issue 2 | February 2016
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It is always good to know if you have the latest version of PV Elite. You can set PV Elite to automatically check if updates are available on the Intergraph support site. Checks can be performed daily, weekly, or monthly.

Just select the Tools/Configuration dialog and click the “Check for Update Options..” button in the Default Value Settings tab. This will ensure that PV Elite will notify you if there are any available updates that you can download at your leisure.