Luis Sanjuan
Software Engineer

CodeCalc: Give It a Try!

When we ask our users if they still use CodeCalc, a lot of the time we get the response that they use both. Perhaps, many of our brand new users might not know the strong features of CodeCalc. Many use PV Elite as their detail/ proposal engineering tool but might see the need for a particular area of analysis where bulk calculations of specific vessel components perform much better in CodeCalc.

If you run into a conversion unit mental block, be sure to visit our quick utility in the Tools menu/ Units Conversion.

Vol. 3 | Issue 3 | March 2016
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CodeCalc offers the option between white and black background colors in the Drawing pane.

Go to the Tools menu/ Drawing Options... dialog to apply the desired color.

CodeCalc consists of 20 modules for the design and analysis of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and assessment of fitness for service. Data entry is simple and straightforward through annotated input fields that are exceptional easy to use. Some of the most exceptional modules that exist in CodeCalc are WRC bulletin analysis, checking tubesheets, or performing Appendix 13 calculations for rectangular header designs.

Give CodeCalc a chance and let us know what you think!

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