Luis Sanjuan
Software Engineer

Inspecting Materials Properties

I am excited to see CADWorx & Analysis University 2016 conference returning to Houston in September. As a team, this is one of the events where we get to hear directly from our users and our peers, looking for new ways to enhance our software.

I particularly remember one of the sessions we had where a user discussed one of their issues with inspecting materials that were being used in the pressure vessel model at the end of the design/analysis process. 

Our user mentioned that in between the design and fabrication, someone overlooked changing a material for a particular cylindrical shell element and this error almost cost them twice their efforts.

This gave us an idea to manipulate the 3D graphics to show all the different materials in the vessel construction by changing the colors of the elements based on the chosen material and adding a color legend key.

When I travel to other parts of the world, often I hear about how this feature has helped many of our users tremendously.

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Vol. 3 | Issue 4 | April 2016
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In the configuration dialog, you can select options for various parameters like the material database or Code Case 2695 (Division 1 allowables using Division 2, Part 4). You can also use the Pre-99 Addenda for Division 1 and set nozzle analysis directives such as computing and printing areas for small nozzles.

There are two ways to get to the configuration dialog. The first is to go to the Tools tab and then click on “Set Configuration Parameters…”.

You can lock the input file to prevent immediate changes to your file, which may benefit your document control program. Click the button “Lock the Current Input File” and the file becomes read-only. Read more.