Kristin Coyle
Software Developer

Behind the Magic

Remember having to painfully labor through manual calculations for your pressure vessel analysis? Seemingly endless dark times until … one day, along came some software and magically ... the agony was gone. Of course, software is not actually magic.

In reality, we programmers are like the Wizard of Oz.
All you need to see are the magic tricks – so that you can continue to do your magic! Behind the curtain, there is a whole virtual assembly line of code tinkering. Bug fixes and new features are tested regularly and a schedule is maintained. We refer to this system as “Scrum”.

A little known fact is that the PV Elite developers are all engineers and we even have a registered inspector as well. We are engineers first and programmers second. We continually expand our knowledge of the pressure vessel world by attending code committee meetings and reading blogs – such as this one.

All of our calculations are benchmarked in Microsoft Excel or MathCAD before being transferred into programming language. And really, the same logic you see in MathCAD can be directly applied in our code – the only difference is syntax (and … some magic tricks … *cough*).

Before the product gets to you, we scrutinize all of our calculations and conduct extensive testing to make sure you get the very best product.

Food for thought: balloons are technically pressure vessels ...

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PV Elite has been benchmarked against the ASME PTB-3 and PTB-4 problem sample book!
Vol.3 | May 2016 | Issue 5
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