Kristin Coyle
Software Developer

Want a new feature added? Ask a Sharkey!

Ask ... who?

What, pray tell, is a Sharkey?

A Sharkey, Ó Searcaigh in Irish (random fact), is a member of the group encompassing the PV Elite and TANK products. Essentially, it is the team name of our "scrum" group. So what is scrum? Scrum is a system designed to optimize the process of software development.

Say a customer would like to see a new feature added to the product, what happens next?

First, the customer needs to submit a service request on Smart Support. The request gets logged into our fancy-schmancy database by our support personnel where it's immortalized with a reference ID - now, it will never get lost or forgotten! All files get loaded on our team Sharepoint site for quick reference and testing.

At this point, we haven't officially determined when it gets done. That is a function of our Product Owner (PO). That Sharkey is Scott Mayeux (see my post, “Let me introduce you to the development team!” on LinkedIn). Once he sets the “milestones”, the releases where the changes will occur, we put that into our “sprint” backlog, or our monthly time management records. We log our time and update the team on our progress daily. At the end of the sprint, we test each other’s work and close items – the change should now be correctly implemented in the program and ready for release!

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