Kristin Coyle
Senior Software Developer

A Fixer Upper, Part 1

When the boss gives you a lemon, how do you make it into lemonade?

That brand new, shiny vessel drove off the fabrication lot years ago and is now showing its age. And it did not age well.

Over the years, it became thinned out and lost its luster, an unsightly eyesore that nobody is thrilled to think about. And it’s your job to evaluate it for shutdown-necessary, tune-up candidacy.

Can you avoid the tune-up? Is this vessel perhaps bound for the junk yard altogether? How do you know? And what will you have to tell your boss?

Vol. 4 | February 2017 | Issue 2
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PV Elite 2017 now offers an Undo/Redo feature. If you accidentally deleted an entire vessel element and didn’t mean to, simply press the Undo button at the top left of the PV Elite main application window. In just a second or two, the deleted element will return.
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