Kristin Coyle
Senior Software Developer

A Fixer Upper, Part 2

In last month’s newsletter, we started with an important question. When the boss gives you a lemon of an old vessel, how do you make it into lemonade? First, you’re able to find some documentation with PV Elite.

Next, you meet with the inspector, a man worth the salt in his bushy mustache, who raised the alarm bells in the first place. He has already emailed you the NDT measurements on the vessel, but wanted to discuss the results with you in person.

As you and he stand there in front of the vessel, discussing its future ...

Vol. 4 | March 2017 | Issue 3
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In our latest webinar, we presented the latest Autodesk Inventor plug-in to import PV Elite models with its geometries and vessel data associated with the model. We explored how easy it is to customize the assembly representations and all of the functionality that can be applied to the CAD drawings.

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