Kristin Coyle
Senior Software Developer

Performing Fatigue Analysis on Nozzles in PV Elite

Performing fatigue analysis on nozzles using PV Elite is a simple process. Let us go through these steps to get your fatigue information into PV Elite.

Once the Load Cases tab is active, click on the button that is next to 'Fatigue Analysis' and the Fatigue Pressure/Cycle Data Input screen appears. In the box at the top called 'Number of Fatigue Case to Process,' enter the number of cases you want considered.

Vol. 4 | April 2017 | Issue 4
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It’s easy to customize the text on your 3D model.

In the 3D window, right-click and select “Options.”

A window with the color selections for the elements and details will appear.

Scroll down to the bottom of the selections and you will be able to set some items like the font and font size for the text that displays on the 3D model.

Other items like the amount of transparency are also available.

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