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PV Elite Software Engineer

Load Cases and How They Are Handled by PV Elite – Part 2

In last month’s newsletter, we covered the definition of load cases. In this installment, we will discuss how load cases are handled by PV Elite.

But first, to unravel the mystery of load cases:

1.    Weight:
a.    OW – Operating weight – in the corroded condition
b.    EW – Empty weight
c.    HW – Hydro test weight
d.    CW – Un-corroded weight
2.    Pressure:
a.    NP – No pressure
b.    IP – Internal (design) pressure
c.    EP – External pressure
d.    HP – Hydro test pressure
3.    Moment:
a.    WI – Moment from the operating wind load
b.    WE – Moment in the un-corroded condition empty
c.    WF – Moment in filled with the operating liquid
d.    EQ – Moment from earthquake loading at operating condition
We can ignore the other loads, which are forces or moments to which the user can subject the tower. Note that we are still only considering three loads: Weight, Moment, and Pressure.

What equation can we use to compute the stress from these three loads applied to the tower? Here is a simplified equation, that is very easy to apply, but remember, we are considering axial, or longitudinal stresses, not hoop stresses.

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Vol.2 | Issue 9 | September 2015
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