Kristin Coyle
Software Developer

Our New Year’s Resolutions – to YOU!

As our team winds down for the year after our end-of-year releases, we turn our attention to the path ahead – the adventures we’ll have, the tools we’ll need, the people we’ll meet! This will be a year of change in our development process, but the focus remains the same: delivering what you, our customers, want.

How do we know what you want? You tell us! We have yearly get-togethers with customers all over the world and this year we also plan to have online think groups so that you can get involved. Be a part of the magic!

We also want you to join the adventure and follow us every step of the way. We have monthly reviews of the work we’re doing and we encourage you to provide feedback –we want to tailor our new features to you so that you can use them intuitively, making your workflow all the more easier and faster on a daily basis.

And of course, quality remains a top priority. Testing the software will become a larger focal point this year and we may open beta testing to a small focus group of dedicated customers. If you are interested in these opportunities please email We look forward to hearing from you!

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